Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Toy Scavenger - the Newest Vintage Action Figure Store

Since i was a child i have always had a special place in my heart for Action Figures, and as style bloke has grown older, unfortunately hes not allowed to play with action figures any more, or so society would let you think. i myself have collected Vintage Actions figures for as long as i can remember,and now there is a place i can call home. There is a new Vintage Action Figure Site in town and its name is The Toy Scavenger.

Leonardo MOC Action Figure
Leonardo - MOC Vintage Action Figures - @ the Toy Scavenger

Iv taken a look at The Toy Scavenger and they seem pretty good to me. The toy scavenger specialises in Mint on card or as its know in the collectible world, MOC Action Figures. 

They also deal in Loose figures, and carded Vintage Action Figures, boxed Vehicles and Play sets from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even the 2000s, From Aliens to X-Men all sorts of figures are available.

The toy scavengers scouting team and buyers travel all over the world to bring you the best Action Figures from your childhood, which is good as i have alot of memory's with alot of action figures. 
Weather you are just starting your collection, You have been a serious collector for years, or just want to reminisce with a trip down memory lane they don't mind, everyone is welcome.

With great deals and information about the figures you surely cant go wrong with The Toy Scavenger.

Pick up a Original Vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figure, maybe Leonardo, or Michelangelo, then visit the site take a look around, watch some clips, find out why in the UK they were called 'Hero' turtles, and not 'Ninja', and maybe even buy one for yourself.

The Toy Scavenger isn't just a toy store, its a place where collectors and fans, children and adults alike, or any body can learn new things about their Action figure, or take a trip down memory lane and get a collectible that can be passed down through generations for years to come.

We love The Toy Scavenger, and highly recommend it.

take a look @

Monday, 19 March 2012

Pretty Green by Liam Gallagher Logo T-Shirt @

Today we take a look at this mens t-shirt from Pretty Green

This White Mens T-shirt with blue logo would look great with a pair of chinos, and sunglass for that summer sun. Summers coming soon and pretty green as a brand has now established itself amoung the big boys, why not grab this top for that summer sun.

You can get this for about £40 @

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Granddad Chambray Shirt @

Today for the StyleBloke Menswear Blog we take a look at this Gem
The Granddad Chambray Shit Available at

Now if i had said to you when you was little "your granddads fashion style is Cool!" you would of looked at me and then continued playing away with your Lego or action man, but now the style of the past is back, or did it ever go away?? what ever has happened this little number looks great on, feels great and for menswear its a top buy

Excellent in the Summer, you can get this for about £30 @ BUY IT HERE

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gio Goi - Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with Pink Logo Print @

Got sent this link for this t-shirt 2day. Gio Goi - Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with Pink Logo Print Available at

This gio-goi t-shirt would look great in the sun, iv gone out in this colour before with some nice shorts and looked the dogs Bs, this t-shirt has got a light feel to it so is excellent in the hot sun, so it wont hold you down, its got the Mens designer clothing brand name, so it should be an excellent addition to your menswear collection.

Its about £12 Plus P&P and you get get it here BUY IT HERE

Monday, 2 May 2011

Superdry Stripe Jersey Polo Shirt @

here we have for you Superdry Stripe Jersey Polo Shirt available at

This nifty little number gives you that casual look of superdry, as well as the smart look for going out, has a nice colour to it, and the green lines sets it off great. superdrys quality is top notch so you know it will be a good buy for you collection

You can get this top for about £40 at so take a look. BUY IT HERE