Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gio Goi - Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with Pink Logo Print @ Allthestyle.co.uk

Got sent this link for this t-shirt 2day. Gio Goi - Blue Crew Neck T-shirt with Pink Logo Print Available at www.allthestyle.co.uk

This gio-goi t-shirt would look great in the sun, iv gone out in this colour before with some nice shorts and looked the dogs Bs, this t-shirt has got a light feel to it so is excellent in the hot sun, so it wont hold you down, its got the Mens designer clothing brand name, so it should be an excellent addition to your menswear collection.

Its about £12 Plus P&P and you get get it here BUY IT HERE


  1. Mens Designer T-shirts are Available @ http://www.allthestyle.co.uk/ Menswear also Clothing is available
    If anyone has any questions please contact StyleBloke

    Great Post StyleBloke ;)

  2. Hey thanks for share this blog. This is really beautiful. If you are looking for more shirts then visit Mens designer clothing.

  3. nice http://www.stylebloke.co.uk/2011/05/gio-goi-blue-crew-neck-t-shirt-with.html

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